Welcome to the official website of 3Y Flexible Packaging PLC

Innovative thinking and increasingly growing customer satisfaction are the cores values on which our company is founded.

After several years of focused research & hard work to fully understand and address all the concerns of consumers in this industry, in October 5 2012, we successfully launched our company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the purpose of manufacturing flexible packaging products that are healthy, clean and able to preserve the original value of the products and at the fastest possible time.

Results are phenomenal. In January 2015, we doubled our production capacity & expanded the quality of our service.

In a time where change has become a lifestyle, you need to have the right technology, unconventional business knowledge, and professionalism in place to respond to this demanding world.

This is an attitude, a supremely unique culture and a company mantra all of our experienced and talented personnel share and display at every level of the production/ delivery process.

3Y Flexible Packaging continues to shape the future of this industry with its commitment to quality and fines, international standard, superior customer satisfaction and innovation.....

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s biggest and leading provider of flexible packaging solutions through new and sustainable way of thinking.

Our Values

  • Originality
  • Superior Service
  • Stimulating creativity and unlocking the human power
  • Green Attitude in everyday life & caring for the planet.
  • Pushing boundaries of technology & innovation


Our state-of-the art set-up is a one-stop-shop for all printing and packaging solutions. We believe that infrastructure and technology are must-haves to meet high standards of quality that fulfill customer needs.


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